Learning Series Launches June 22, 2017

Evaluation is no longer an add-on that nonprofits might - or might not - get to . It is now an essential part of the program and organizational development toolkit. How well are we prepared to do evaluation that serves our needs, and not just the needs of funders?

This 7-session on approaches to evaluation, offered first in 2015/2016, is being offered again. Covering the basics of a number of approaches to evaluation as well as primers on basic research methods to support evaluation as well as organizational readiness, individuals or organizations can register for any number of individual sessions or the whole series. Previous participants came away with new skills and knowledge, saying:

  • Facilitator was very knowledgeable about the topic and made it easily understood.
  • (liked the...) mixture of facilitation and small group work - often leads to serendipitous information exchange
  • I liked how it was able to be adapted to someone like me, with little knowledge of outcomes, but also to those who had more knowledge coming into the session. I also liked how interactive and hands-on the session was.
  • ...allowed time and one-to-one discussion with the facilitator to work on our organization/ program logic model, gained a better understanding of the language

 For further information and to register, please click here. NOTE: Members of HNN pay a discounted fee. 



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