HNN Recommendation Supported by Regional Council - Community Consultation to Occur

On October 5, 2011, Regional Council supported a recommendation from HNN reflected in recommendations from the Regional Health and Social Services Committee that there be consultation on staff recommendations related to the process and priorities that would frame the Halton Community Investment Fund. Community consultations are to be conducted and a staff report brought back to the Health and Social Services Committee in January, 2012. A parallel recommendation for funding for Community Development Halton was also approved. Here is the background.

On September 20, a staff report appeared on the Halton Region’s Health and Social Services Committee’s agenda that recommended major changes to the Committee’s and Council’s grant-making process.

This set of recommendations was developed with no consultation with the community. Several recommendations appeared to contradict the direction in restructuring of funding for the nonprofit sector that was recommended in The Chairman’s Report on the Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector (2006). Included, as well, were two recommendations that would have cut funding to Community Development Halton and Volunteer Halton by slightly more than half next year and that provided no guarantee of funding in subsequent years (the current Regional grant makes up 44% of CDH's operating revenue).

In the interim between the release of the staff report and the Committee meeting on September 27, two critical things happened:

  • Discussion with the Coordinating Committee of HNN led to a decision to have the Coordinator, Jody Orr, delegate to the Committee at its meeting, raising issues related to the lack of community consultation in the development of the recommendations as well as the specific content of the recommendations. A short presentation was developed and Jody spoke to the Committee on the morning of the 27th. The presentation included a request that the Committee table the staff report and their recommendations related to process, priorities and structure of the Community Investment Fund until appropriate community consultation could occur.
  • A variety of people and organizations (approximately 10 delegations) decided to appear before the Committee, arguing the need to maintain funding for Community Development Halton (CDH). People who delegated included Walter Mulkewich and Bonnie Brown.

What is advocacy? What works and what have others learned about doing effective advocacy? For registered charities, what limitations are imposed on political actvities  by the Canada Revenue Agency? These questions and a variety of others were explored and discussed at an Action Learning Session hosted by HNN on June 28, 2011 attended by 50 people drawn from a wide variety of nonprofits in Halton.

The Resource people were:

The following presentations from the session can be downloaded here:

Terrance Carter: Advocacy/Political Activity and the Canada Revenue Agency 

Peter Clutterbuck: What is Advocacy?

Carol Kotacka: Fair Share Task Force (an overview of 20 years of advocacy by this human services coalition)

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